1-Hour Hedgehog Cowl

Sunday, September 29, 2013

After a weekend of chores (is fall cleaning a thing?) I suddenly felt like sewing something... anything! I haven't so much as sat at the sewing machine since April and the mood struck out of the blue to make something cutesy to wear under my plain fall jacket. There are many great examples online for making infinity scarves/loops/cowls with pretty voile cottons but in the scraps bin I found an old favorite adorable Japanese linen print with courting hedgehogs and a lighter-weight polka dot cotton. Rather than follow a pattern and carefully measure my fabrics I just eyeballed two long rectangles, sandwiched them together and sewed them close. Instant loop.
I cut one 45"x7"-ish rectangle form each print (45" because that was the width of the original bolts) and an additional 7"x20" rectangle of each so that when sewed together I ended up with one 65"-ish long strip in each print after pressing the seams flat:

 I then sandwiched the two long strips right-sides together with plenty of pins to keep them as aligned as possible:

 and sewed along the long edges with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Once both sides were firmly in place with the ends securely back-stitched, I turned the tube inside out and pressed it again. To close the loop I turned each end in on itself for 1/4" and pressed it, slipped one end of the tube inside of the other, and and stitched it close with a matching thread to make the seam as inconspicuous as possible. Easy peasy and about an hour from start to finish. I think it'll be pretty cute under my denim jacket until I take out the woolens!

troy and christina said...

Beautiful! A simple project, but with great effect.

Carolyn said...

super cute!!

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