Spinster Cowl

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Un bref aperçu des cols terminés sur mon profil Ravelry et ça saute aux yeux : j'aime la couleur.  Non, j'adore la couleur! Cela dit, il m'arrive parfois de rêver à un col un peu plus monochrome lorsque j'enfile mon manteau noir, ces jours ou les couleurs vives ne me disent rien ( heureusement que ça ne m'arrive pas souvent!). Alors j'ai piqué le tableau des côtes et câbles du chandail Spinster, doublée ma laine pour obtenir un fil Aran, monté 200 mailles... et déclaré le tout terminé trois répétitions plus tard. 

A quick glance at the finished cowls on my Ravelry Project page and it's pretty clear : I like colour. A lot. But once in a while when I'm wearing matching black coat, boots and purse, I wish that I had something a bit more colour-neutral to throw on around my neck. It doesn't happen often though!
So I dug up the rib and cable pattern from the Spinster sweater, picked the only gray yarn I have at the moment, held it double stranded, and cast on in the round. Three chart repeats later I cast off and called it a cowl. I'm pleased that the ribbing keeps things stretchy (and reversible, should that matter), so it's easy to pull over my head without messing up my hair. Goodness know my baby-fine hair loves every opportunity to generate static this time of year....

Spinster Cowl

Yarn and needles  : Aran weight or whichever yarn achieves gauge. I used Rowanspun DK (which feels more like fingering weight to me), held double, with US8 (5mm) circular needles with 24 inch cable.

Gauge : 18 sts / 4 inches in stockinette stitch

Yardage : The finished cowl weighs 159 grams. I held two strands together, so I used roughly 636 meters. If you use a worsted or aran weight yarn to get gauge, knit singled-stranded that would be approximately 318 meters. Thanks to Tabi for pointing this out!

Important detail about the cable pattern: After your first cable crossing, the 2 x 2 ribbing will be no longer be “k2, p2”, in some places, but rather k4 and p4. Not to worry, just make sure you always knit the knits and purl the purls… after your second cable crossing in the chart, the “k2, p2” order will be restored.

Instructions : Cast on 200 stitches and join in the round being careful not to twist. Work rows 1-22 of chart 3 times. Cast off loosely, using a larger needle if necessary. Block.

This pattern is dedicated to my grandparents Johann and Colette Eisl.
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