Monday, March 22, 2010

J'espère qu'il commence à faire beau et chaud dans votre coin du monde! C'est certainement le cas au sud de l'Ontario, où le vent devient de plus en plus doux et les oies sont de retour (et se font entendre!).
J'ai terminé une veste qui ne me plait pas du tout. Même après trois bains/blocages, elle tire et se plisse dans tous les mauvais endroits. La laine bouclée me démange le coup et donne à la veste un effet boule de poil. Frustrée à l'extrême, j'ai commencé un petit châle printanier.

Le patron est Andrea's Shawl de Kristen Kapour. Tricoté de Cash Islande de Noro et Georga.
Lien au projet dans Ravelry


I hope spring has arrived in your corner of the world! It certainly has here in Southwestern Ontario where the breezes are warm(er) and the geese have come back (and boy howdy are they ever noisy!!). I've just finished knitting a cardigan that is almost completely unwearable. The fit is all wrong (I have got to stop improvising perfectly good designs!), the yarn combo is itchy and the texture makes it look like a giant hairball. So those photos will be for another time. In the mean time I knit a springy shawl.

The lovely, lovely pattern is Andrea's Shawl by Kristen Kapour. Unlike that aforementioned cardi, I loved every single minute of this project. I combined some Noro Cash Island with a yarn found at Walmart, called Georga. Pretty darn soft for $4 a skein!  Ravelry project link
Two thumbs and ten toes up for this one. I LOVE IT.
Brenda said...

The shawl is beautiful and looks great on you. Too bad about he cardigan. Awfully frustrating when you've put so much effort into it.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Wow, that's stunning. Great job and the color combo really gives it that special umph!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Wow, your shawl is really stunning -- love the unique color combination and it looks great on you. Good job!

Stéphanie said...

Il est vraiment superbe !

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