A Foamy Thermis. What?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

C’était l’anniversaire de ma meilleure amie recemment et je voulais lui tricoté une petite écharpe triangulaire toute douce. Je l’ai terminé que quelques secondes avant de sortir au restau, le séchoir à cheveux dans une main (il était toujours trempe, question d’un blocage dernière minute) et le papier à emballage dans l’autre!
Le patron est Foamy de Gokce Baser . Je n’ai utilisé que 3 pelotes de ma laine Mainland (partie alpaga, partie merino, partie soie – tellement agréable contre la peau!), alors le tout n’a requis qu’environ 230 mètres.
Voici la belle Geneviève avec son nouveau mini-châle

Dès mon retour de voyage je me suis mise à tricoter un col (cowl?) pour ma mère, un cadeau de noël qu’elle m’avait suggéré il y a plusieurs mois dans une laine qu’elle avait également choisie. C’est le Thermis Cowl de Kris Knits. Je suis un peu déçue du produit final, qui semble manquer de rigidité et donc retombe sur lui-même un peu trop. Une laine plus épaisse et une aiguille plus petite aurait peut-être fait l’affaire? J’ai utilisé la laine silky wool de Elsbeth Lavold et des aiguilles de taille US6.

Two weeks ago (already?!), I had the pleasure of taking two days off of work, and hopped on a plane to visit my family in Ottawa. It was glorious. It also happened to be my best bud’s birthday and instead of packing like a good girl the night before the flight, I cast on to knit her a mini-shawl. I finished it at the last second while waiting for the ride that would bring us to the restaurant, hair dryer in one hand aimed at the wet shawl (I was silly and thought I could block it in 20 minutes) and wrapping paper in the other!
It was a nice, quick, satisfying knit, and the Mainland yarn (baby alpaca, silk and merino mix) is so scrumptious I didn’t mind knitting nearly non-stop for three days. The pattern is Gokce Baser’s Foamy, and I’d recommend it! I had to skip the lacy edging for lack of time, but I wish I’d done it now…Then the minute I came back from my weekend jaunt to Ottawa I cast on for the cowl my mom had requested for Christmas. She’d picked the yarn (Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool) and the Pattern (Thermis Cowl by Kris Knits) months ago, so I was able to start right away while waiting for my sewing machine to get back from the shop.

The cowl is…. Ok. I’m a bit disappointed in the lack or stiffness, it’s a bit floppier than I’d hoped, but this isn’t an issue with the pattern at all since I have the same complaint about every cowl I’ve knit so far. I maybe should have used the yarn double while keeping the same needle size (US6) to get a stiffer fabric…

I also find that due to the stretchy sewn bind-off, the cowl flares in the "wrong" direction for me and therefore fits better upside down!Love how Mom's favorite flower, the edelweiss, is featured in the pewter buttons.

Brenda said...

You must have flying fingers.

Wool Free and lovin knit said...

I think that "stiff" cowls only happen if you knit in bulky yarn -- otherwise, they are probably stylized to stand up for the photo shoot and fall down immediately after. At least that's my experience too!

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