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Monday, February 17, 2014

En 2003 lorsque l'édition Holiday 2003 de Vogue Knitting est sortie j'étais obsédée avec le châle sur la couverture :

The the Holiday 2003 issue of Vogue knitting came out I was really taken with the cover pattern, a romantic stole knit on gigantic needles in a wave pattern:

#06 Wave Pattern Wrap / Scarf de Rebecca Rosen

Ça m'a pris plus d'un ans à me procurer les laines nécessaire, attendant patiemment les soldes.
Colinette Point 5, Colinette Mohair (Disc.), Colinette Wigwam, Colinette Fandango, Colinette Isis
et Colinette Zanziba. Honnêtement je ne me souviens plus lesquelles de ces laines j'ai acheté, mais je me suis tricoté un châle avec ce que j'ai pu trouvé :

It took me a year or two to find most of the yarns needed at a discount (the recommended yarns were Colinette Point 5, Colinette Mohair (Disc.), Colinette Wigwam, Colinette Fandango, Colinette Isis and Colinette Zanziba). I can’t even remember how many of them I managed to get in the end, but I managed to knit the pattern with what I had accumulated:

J’étais tellement déçue... Ce n'était pas du tout l'effet rêvée et j'ai su tout de suite que j'allais démanteler le tout un jour. Au cours des années j'ai tenté de le défaire petit à petit (j'avais, après tout, déjà rentré les fils) et placé les balles de laines dans un gros sac sans trop savoir quoi faire avec. Puisqu'il est impossible d'avoir trop de cols, châles et écharpes, je me suis dit que je n'avais rien à perdre en tricotant un tube, une large boucle qui, repliée sus elle-même, pourrait être portée avec mon manteau d'hiver gris.

I was so disappointed... It turned out much too long and drapey for me and I knew right away that I would frog the whole thing eventually. The pattern and magazine sample are definitely lovely, I think my gauge was just too loose.  I unraveled it bit by bit over the years (all those ends I'd sewn in!) and placed all of the tiny rewound balls into a large ziploc without a clue what to do with them. I've finally figured that since I can't seem to have too many neck accessories I might as well knit a wide loop until I run out of yarn, wear it as a cowl, and call it a decade. 
 I'm so glad I ended up re-purposing the yarn into something I can wear daily with my coat, seeing as this winter has no end in sight!

All I did was cast on 210 stitches on US8 needles (considering most of this yarn is very bulky, this gave me a dense fabric that stands up on its own rather than flop around). I joined to knit in the round. My gauge was 15 stitches per 4 inches, making the circumference of the circle on the needles approximately 58 inches wide. I knit in stockinette stitch alternating yarns every few inches, until my work measured 16 inches from cast-on. I cast off as loosely as possible and wet-blocked it to even out the fabric. One big loop to twist back on itself to chase away the chill and mind this interminable winter a tiny bit less.

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