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Sunday, July 8, 2012

My little sister is visiting from Australia with her SO, and I'd rather spend time with her rather than on the computer just now, so I I'll just post the last few week's projects in photos.

1. Washing fleece (also known as stinking up the office)

2. Combing clean locks into roving

3. Spinning the fluff stuff into squishy yarn

4. Crockpot dyeing the handspun with Brazilwood again. I don't think I've ever stained ceramic quite so effectively.
Lets pretend my chain-plying is improving despite this picture, k?

5. Knitting it all up into a silly cowl that is of absolutely no use at this time in July

6. Completing my breed study (10 breeds, 10 knitted samples, and 20 skeins!)

7. Trying to spin super bulky. This is so much harder for me than spinning fine, but I just love how chunky wool makes the punchy colours shine. This is Polwarth from Pigeonroof Studios spun up to a ginormous 6 TPI, 9.4 oz skein.
8. And of course, spending precious time and celebrating with the kid on the left.
Happy Canada Day!
Anonymous said...

I love seeing the entire "start-to-finish" process. So inspiring!!

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