Friday, September 16, 2011

In June the Mister and I realised that we need to move in order to accommodate his workplace relocation. I quit my job (!) at the university in July, and we set off on a number of renovations that are necessary in order to put the house on the market. I also decided to return to grad school. My commute to school is a little over two hours each way, which is not only useful to catch up on my readings before class, but also to knit! In fact, I was able to finish this infinity scarf for my sister-in-law thanks to the commute.

The pattern by Sarah Hatton and Rowan Pure Wool 4-ply was part of a kit available to Rowan International members.

I opted for using size 5 needles instead of the size 4 that were called for in the hopes of speeding the knitting up a bit and widening the scarf a touch. I stopped after the 5th ball since it seemed long enough. I'm glad I did, it's just the right length to loop twice for a pretty cowl!

En juin le monsieur et moi avons réalisé qu'il sera nécessaire de déménager bientôt, car son employeur s'installe ailleurs. Alors j'ai quitté mon emploi en juillet pour commencer les rénovations nécessaires afin de vendre notre maison. Heureusement, je peux tricoter sur la navette chaque jour - en fait, c'est ce qui m'a permit de terminer ce dernier projet, une écharpe pour ma belle-soeur. J'adore ce principe d'une énorme boucle que l'on peut replier en capuchon!Le patron de Sarah Hatton est disponible à partir du site web Rowan International, mais il faut être abonnê.

J'ai utilisé des aiguilles de taille 5 (malgré le patron) dans l'espoir que le tricot irait plus rapidement et je me suis arrêté après cinq balles et non six. Toutefois, le projet m'a prisz plus de deux mois à compléter. Mais cela valu la peine!

troy and christina said...

Elle est tres belle! Your scarf looks wonderful to wear. I'm sure la belle-soeur will love it!


earthchick said...

This is gorgeous and so pretty on you! Love it.

Julie-Anne Desrochers said...

Wow! On dirait que tu as rajeuni! Tu es si belle!

Jocelyn said...

Wow that scarf is beautiful. When you say Olds College, do you mean the one here? In Alberta? DO YOU LIVE HERE NOW?

cauchy09 said...

gosh, you are one gorgeous babe! i love the cowl too.

what are you studying now?

Brendaknits said...

Your plate sounds really really full. Knitting should be a great stress reliever for you.

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