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Sunday, September 19, 2010

In mid-July my LYS announced it would be closing its doors for good. The owner decided to concentrate on her other retail projects and was in the process of liquidating everything at 50% off. I jumped in my car on my lunch break to see if there was any Koigu left and thankfully I really had my pick. I fell in love with this confetti colourway and purchased 10 skeins with the hope of making a entire sweater out of KPPPM. Connie Chang Chinchio’s Austin hoodie was highly ranked in my queue and while I didn’t manage to get gauge even with US 7 needles, I knit the small size hoping I would get the xs measurements by the end - and I did!

This will most certainly not be my last Koigu sweater. I have sweater quantity of Koigu Mori I’m not sure what do to with and will save for a rainy day when I need cheering up :)
C’était avec beaucoup de regret que la seule boutique de laine dans mon cartier a fermé ses portes pour de bon. Toute la laine était en solde, à 50% de rabais ou plus. Je m’y suis précipitée pendant mon heure de déjeuner. Plantée devant le mur de laine Koigu (je m’étais déjà décidé que c’était une occasion rare d’obtenir de la laine Koigu en solde!), j’ai aperçu celle-ci et c’était le coup de foudre. J’ai acheté 10 pelotes avec l’intention d’en faire un chandail. Le patron est l’excellent Austin Hoodie de Connie Chang Chinchio.

Je considère très sérieusement en faire un deuxièeme et c
e ne sera certainement pas mon dernier chandail en fil Koigu. J’ai huit pelotte de Koigu Mori dans le placard que je garde pour un jour de pluie :)
Chantal B said...

Wow super beau cardigan-kangourou. J'aime beaucoup...

Andrea said...

That looks so beautiful! I would love to have a cardigan that was a comfy and lightweight as that one looks. Great work!

wool free and lovin' Knit said...

Very pretty and what a lucky break for you to get it at 50% off -- although such a shame you lost your LYS.

Brenda said...

Lovely. It looks so light!

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