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Monday, August 2, 2010

The last month has gone by so quickly! I'm not ready for August!
The last 5 weeks have been jam-packed and included a long weekend in Ottawa as well as 10 glorious days off work to visit the in-laws in British Colombia. Tonight is the last evening before I return to work after my 2-week vacation and boy have I got a case of Sunday Night Blues. I’ve opened a super-sized bag of Wine Gums to nosh on while I reminisce over the last few weeks.
Early on in July I managed to sew up a lap quilt for my little sister’s 23rd birthday. I'd hoped to finish in time in order to gift it during a brief (but precious!) 4-day visit to Ottawa. I’d somehow convinced myself that I could cut, sew, piece and finish the whole thing in less than two weeks, as long as I spent every spare moment outside of work working on it. I made it (but just barely!) – it was finished the day after her birthday, only a couple of hours before we had to hit the road for the 6-hr ride back home. Here are some photos of the just-finished quilt. I’m so glad we managed to take some photos before we left!

The backing is made up of Heather Bailey's Peonies print. I was saving the fabric for something special, and I'm so glad I'd held off - I find that it plays well with the quilt top.
The quilt is now in Australia where is will live with Little Sis during her last term of University. She sent me this photo of the quilt on her dorm cot:

The 2nd weekend of July was saved for an exciting trip to Shelridge Farms. I'd signed up for a hand dyeing workshop taught by owner and dyer extraordinaire, Buffy Taylor. (On a side note, up until that weekend I hadn't realized that both Shelridge Farms and Koigu Wools are just a short drive away from our home!). I dyed six skeins of fingering weight superwash wool in monochrome tones of pinks, purples and blue-greens.

Finished skeins

This turquoise/lime/forest combo is my favorite and I couldn't resist winding it into balls so that I could cast on the minute I boarded the plane to BC...
As a most boring One-Project-At-A-Time knitter, I'm elated that I was able to break out of my knitting project monogamy. I realize that many knitters have numerous projects on the go at any one time, but I've always been a bit too obsessive-compulsive for this. But look!
Meet Cardigan 1

And Cardigan 2!
I'd love to throw in a shawl and a tam into the mix but the thought of working on four knitting projects at once still make nervous. Oh well, baby steps, baby steps...
Andrea said...

Your hand dyed yarn looks gorgeous! I would love to give doing my own a try but I never seem to be able to find the time. Perhaps I should find a class in my area to sign up for. Hmmm...

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

I've got 3 afghans on the go all at the same time so I say go for the third project -- it's a bit like juggling!

Meg said...

Is that a hand-dyed yarn for cardigan #2? I love the variation in the color and if it's a commercial yarn I'd love to know what it is!

Brenda said...

I am just home from vacation and getting caught up on blog reading. I didn't realize you lived in my area. If you are looking for knitters to spend time with, Meaford has a great knitting group upstairs at the library Thursdays at 2. Your hand dyeing looks like fun and the quilt is lovely.

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