Friday, June 12, 2009

Malabrigo lace held double is such a nice weight. The gauge turned out perfect for a Clapotis.

I've got a little bit left over because I couldn't be bothered to weigh my skeins against the three parts of the stole. Had I taken the time to do so I would have made it a tiny bit longer and used up what I have, but I figure I'll make little sweater ornaments for the holidays with the rest.

 La laine Malabrigo Lace est d'une épaisseur parfaite lorsque tricotée double! Il m'en reste un peu, donc je n'ai pas utilisé les trois pelottes au complet, mais les restes deviendront des pull miniatures pour décorer l'arbre de Noel cet hiver.
Kathy said...

Hello Knitbug! (Such a cute name ;))
I tend to agree with you. Weighing, swatching, and what-not can be so loathsome when you just want to knit!

Still, your Clapotis looks to be the perfect length for you. Lovely color, too.

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